Waiting anectodes I

ist2_9317077-girly-cocktail-waitressSince I have started working at that Mexican Restaurant I have come to realize how very weird some people are.  I have surely not reached the peak of oddness since I have only worked there a couple of times but already I am asking myself “What the Fck?” Why do people tell me with a strange smile on their face that they are allergic to potatoes and only want “a few, in fact one single country potato”? Really? Why one? Why are you smiling? Are you trying to flirt? No we do not sell those sombreros – they are decoration!!!

Also people!!! Don’t go to a Mexican Restaurant in Germany if you think the food is too hot because there is no way it is too hot. It’s Germanized. Ever eaten stuff in Mexico? THAT’s hot. But sure, I’ll get you some salad sauce with some green leafs if it makes your throat calm down poor lady. And please tip me the American way since that’s where you are from.

Another thing is the impatience of some folks. I mean the situation is as follows: Carnival, everybody drunk, the place is packed, lots of Latinos dancing to loud music… It just takes longer than 5 minutes until I can serve your frigging pizza, sorry darling! Other people have ordered things too; they don’t just sit around here for nothing… Luckily their husbands paid the check and gave me a big tip.

Don’t get me wrong, most people are just nice and normal – no doubt. Like old folks, gays and maybe others. But there are more weirdos out there than I had expected!!

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