Desicions and choices

I don’t know why we make our lives so hard by struggling to decide stuff. Even the smallest events and things that we get in touch with need to be absolute perfect. What socks do I buy? What restaurant shall we go to? Which dress might I wear? Little things like that have become far too important. Who cares if you realize you’d rather have had Chinese right when they serve you an XXL Chicken Burger? Just eat it an forget about it. Not important!

regretMaking a big deal about tiny decisions like that turn real life choices into an impossible quest. We want the perfect job, man, house, holiday… We want no regrets. We want it all, like our friends and Facebook contacts seem to have it. Truth is, perfection barely exists. I mean, things are either good or bad for you. Got the wrong job? You’ll realize it soon enough and then go find a better one. Sounds easier said than done? Maybe so but there’s no other way. Got the right job for you (or at least right enough)? Be happy and enjoy life without peeking next door to wonder if your neighbor might be happier than you are..

Ya’ll just go with the flow and don’t take your lives too important. We surely will regret decisions at some point, both big and small ones. And then we’ll get over it and do our thing. It may not be perfect. But it might be right for us. Regrets are only lessons anyway.

As long as we are young(-ish) and healthy we should just go for whatever makes us happy. 

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