10 reasons why a distance relationship is worth it

I’m an expert on distance relationships. And no, I don’t mean those weekend ones where you live 200 miles apart from each other. I mean the hardcore distances, where you go balls deep because you don’t only live in different cities but different countries, continents, tectonic plates. I have been with somebody before who lived like two countries further – or in other words: a 1 ½ hours Ryanair flight – away. That’s tough but cheap air connections and being a student made it possible.

hhAnyway, last year I stepped up to the royal class of long distance relationships since I have started dating my sweet husband a year ago. During the whole time we’ve been living 5000 miles apart. 8000 km. There aren’t any cheap Easy Jet, Ryanair or Flybe flights to that destination. No spontaneous days or week long visits. I have been fortunate enough to go over there twice but for the rest of the time (7 months in a row!!) it’s Skype and Messenger time. Not easy with a 7 hour time difference but for sure worth it. Here is why:

  1. Until you finally get to move together you have a lot of free time you can spend with friends and family, or – if you want to – enjoy as “me-time”. No girlfriend around who constantly needs attention? Guys!! Just relax, spend time in front of the computer or in bars.
  2. There is no every-day-routine with its arguments and boring small talk conversations. No annoyances about socks and boxer shorts being spread out all over the place. No discussions about who takes out the trash. No nagging about that the blender/chair/whatever needs to be fixed.
  3. Instead you get to know each other pretty quickly. Since you can’t actually do things together all you have is conversations on Skype. Sharing past stories, life views, wishes or chat about the future – being forced to communicate a lot leads to more meaningful interactions and intimacy because sooner or later you guys talk about anything.
  4. The time you spend with each other is a big deal! It precious and valuable. No matter if Skype dates or visits – it’s more intense and special to you than anything else.
  5. Sex is better. When you finally get to see your sweetheart after some time apart there is obviously more SpARkLe.
  6. You get to travel and have two homes. It’s exciting.
  7. You always have something to look forward to (Skype, visits, mail). It’s in particular exhilarating to picture that moment you will be waiting at the airport and see your man/girl the first time after months.
  8. You will be able to develop trust (since you really have to).
  9. You know you’re something special. Being in that situation where you can barely see each other makes you stronger and creates bonds.
  10. And finally what are some months or even years of distance compared to a whole life time together? ♥


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