Big waves and a plane crash

Are dreams really “touchstones to our characters”, or just some brain trash that needs to get out of our minds? I’d love to believe the latter, regarding how much stupid, random and pointless shit I have dreamed in my life before. But there are dreams I’ve had as a child I can still picture so clearly and detailed like it had actually happened yesterday (I’m glad it hasn’t though). There are also certain dreams I keep dreaming, or used to keep dreaming during a certain period of time. Doesn’t appear to be a coincidence or mind trash to me at all.

My thing used to be plane crashes. I dreamed about those a lot, in all variations, colors and places. Luckily I have always watched the planes go down rather to actually be in them during the crash (unlike some of my friends in the dream who haven’t been so fortunate). One time a one person military plane crashed right into my parents’ hazelnut tree and I had to deal with it and practice first aid. Not something I am keen to do while I am supposed to rest.

At one point the plane crashes stopped and I started to be involved in tsunamis and big waves. I mean, I don’t like waves in real life either but at least I live in the middle of a continent and don’t have to bother with that. Except of every other night when I either dream of being washed away or at least standing pretty close to the shore while the monster consisting of water is rolling towards me. The dreams always start lovely like owning a pretty condo or being on holidays (with my dad!!!) when it suddenly turns into a salty, wet nightmare. How am I meant to get a good night’s sleep? Only worse thing that could happen (it already has) is dreaming about being at work!! I wonder if that tells me I should pick up surfing. Or – less awesome – be a hydrologist. I should probably move to the coast to face my fear.

1549544_10153743391100246_1413036684_n Kopie

So why is it I never dream about chilling on a beach drinking Bloody Marys (I wouldn’t mind dreaming about a whole Bloody Mary or Mimosa wave rolling towards me either)? Why is there always some weird and crazy shit happening in our minds during the night?Monsters, being haunted, running, screaming, death. No flowers, dogs, summertime sunbathing are ever involved. I mean is there really a purpose to it? Are they really the “royal road to the unconscious” how Freud has claimed it. Is my brain telling me what I am feeling and scared of during my sleep? Not that I couldn’t figure that out during daytime anyway…

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