10 reasons why it’s fun to be German / live in Germany

  1. We have good beer, we have good wine, we have good liqueurs. Festivals, fairs, markets. If you think the Oktoberfest is all Germany has to offer you’re just so wrong. We know how to produce and consume lovely, strong and tasty beverages.IMG_0148ddd - Kopie Kopie
  2. Quality engineering, nice cars, stable roads and most importantly no speed limit on motorways / interstates.xx
  3. Being located in the middle of Europe, it only takes a short car ride to check out a foreign country. Vienna, Venice or Paris in 5 hours. Going hiking or skiing in Austria or Switzerland in 3 hours. The Mediterranean? No problem in 5-6 hours you can get tanned on one of Italy’s sunny beaches and drink vino rosso out of a straw. germany-map Kopie
  4. Talking about travelling, Germany is served by many low cost carriers who’ll take you abroad in no time for little money. But of course there are beautiful spots to visit here too…IMG_0ss053
  5. 25-30 days of paid holidays. Around 10 bank holidays. Flexible working conditions. Gives you lots of free time for a fun life.. If you happen to have a job of course.IMG_0148 - Kopie ccccKopie
  6. Rude and direct Germans. Yeah, they do exist, who would have thought? They just come out of nowhere and start telling you off for taking the last spot on the car park, crossing a red light while it’s red, even though there is no car coming  (you gotta be a good role model for kids) or telling you if – in their opinion – you don’t dress appropriately…. Its fun to just laugh in their faces for being stupid people.Finch_mad_as_hell Kopie
  7. Even though Germans are apparently the least funny people in this world doesn’t mean we don’t have humor. Its just our own distinct humor. WE laugh about it. We think its funny. Just because YOU don’t understand it doesn’t mean its not fun for us. I never laugh about jokes my American husband tells me and he never thinks my stories are funny… (although of course they are!)
  8. We’re pretty efficient. That gives us more freetime we can use to do fun things.
  9. …. have I mentioned the quality and diverse beer products? Oh yeah. I think the food isn’t bad either if you’re into meat. We’re sausage country of course..meat Kopie
  10. We have a good education system. Being educated means having broad knowledge. That’s fun because the more you know the more likely you know fun things that lighten up your days (had to come up with something..)

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