Bamberg on a Wednesday evening – cocktails and ham

17.00 h:  It’s early – enough time to do some clothes and shoe shopping. I admit, Bamberg isn’t the most amazing city when it comes to shops but it’s still fun to check out some boutiques in the pedestrian area and try on too expensive dresses. Alternatively get some ice cream to go and check out some sights: Rub the nose of the Botero sculpture “Woman with fruit”, check out the Old Cityhall in the middle of the river or walk up the hill to visit the late Romanesque cathedral and the Bamberg Horseman (Bamberger Reiter). Make sure you don’t get run over by one of the many – at times crazy – bicycles.

DSC (72) Kopie

18.00 h: Get yourself a bottle of champagne and soak in the last sunrays by the river side. Enjoy the picturesque silhouette while the sun sets, drink and watch the tourist boats float by. Or just talk and laugh with your friend. Suggested topic: In what situations is it appropriate to address customers in an informal manner (use the German informal ‘du’ instead of ‘Sie’).


19.00 h:  Hurry up to make the most of the remaining cocktail happy hours!! The Café Esspress and the Spanish Bar & Restaurant Bolero manage to offer nice and very tasty drinks in casual, authentic atmosphere. Dine if you want and take a sip in style! You’re sad because (as a responsible driver) you happen to have to get alcohol free beverages? You may be lucky and the bartender gives you extra pineapples to compensate the lack of gasolina.

Schlenkerla-Rauchbier-6If you are not into cocktails check out one of the many local breweries. It’s probably a good choice to visit the Schlenkerla where you will have the pleasure to try the famous, unmistakable ham-tasting smokebeer. You like meat? You like beer? Your taste buds will love that new, unique and truly hamazing experience.

21.30 h:  A few drinks later and starving? Make your way to the best Turkish Kebab store in town – The Marmaris. They have mouth watering Falafel sandwiches – either with yogurt sauce or vegan with humus. Go oriental and order some tea with it and Baklava (very sweet and tasty pasty) for desert!


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