Great and Genuine Greenlandic Curiosities

Some years ago I have spent a week in Kulusuk, a tiny place in the Southeast of Greenland. Due to freezing weather conditions, whiteouts, frozen dead dogs, a peculiar ice fishing experience and a lot of other unfamiliar happenings that place has been freshly queer… Read my eight personal Greenlandic oddities!

DSC_5063 Kopie

1.   Well, it’s a harsh thing to say, but the people are odd. 60 year old ladies performing a – what they call – “sexy drumdance” (a little bit like Madonna but not quite!), 12 year olds getting drunk (while having access to guns), seal oil seems to be the most precious good (apart from polar bears) and hey, i quote, “murders happen, of course the next day you’re sorry you killed that guy”

2.  They can buy rifles in their local grocery store. On the other hand, you can get shotguns at Walmart, too. Also some kids in the US know how to shoot before they can walk properly. Well now I can’t make up my mind if it’s strange to sell or not to sell weapons at grocery stores..


3.   People waiting at the airport, giving us their credit cards and making us buy duty free alcohol for them… Not sure how about you, I think that’s pretty weird.

4.   The runway is an icy gravel road.

DSC_4952 Kopie

5.   Toilets are buckets.. That wouldn’t be so bad if the “toilet man” (guy who collects the buckets once a week) wouldn’t have refused to take ours for unknown reasons. We had to make the guys pee outdoors to save valuable space!!


6.   Most houses have hoses connected with water tanks. Somebody however decided to cut ours because he didn’t have one himself.

7.   You can walk on the ocean without even being aware of it because the ice is so thick and everything is eaqually white anyway. It’s almost like being Jesus! However, I really don’t suggest to walk further once you realize that you have reached the unstable icebergs since you might fall in a crack and drown – or more likely freeze to death just like sweet Leonardo di Caprio in Titanic…

DSC_4927 the runway_bearbeitet-1

8.   Did you know Huskies poop while pulling a sleigh? Constantly!! The worst thing about that is: It sure doesn’t smell like roses (thanks to the dead seals they feed them).


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