Of Beaches, Balconies and Cuba Libres

What do you do if you really want something right now but just can’t have it (yet!)? I mean, it sucks, right, but nothing something can be done about it!!!

Like I urgently want to be on some tropical island, sipping sweet Piña Coladas, listening to gentle ocean waves, maybe even smoking a Havanna… It’s not going to happen anytime soon, I shall dream on…

But. I do have sunshine, a bikini, a book and a big deck. I found some – what looks to me like a – tropical plant to get the flair. I discovered there’s rum and coke in the house. So I deal for a Cuba Libre instead of the Colada drink. I hear blackbirds instead of parrots and monkeys. There are no motorboats but motorbikes. A pond instead of the Carribean, apples instead of mangos and coconuts, flowers and grass instead of a sandy beach..

But hey, that’s not too bad. You can always make the most out of what you have. It’s all about the good summer feeling. It’s all about the perfect compromise!



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