Gracias Chiapas I – Palenque

The bus stopped somewhere really early in the morning and I was told this is Palenque. Being the only one who was getting off, I nervously asked myself – and the tourist info girl – what was wrong with that place, but there wouldn’t be an answer – at least not in any language I could understand.

“Can you tell me where a hostel is? – “Something in Spanish”

“Do you speak any English?” – “Something in Spanish”

“Donde estan las Ruinas Mayas?” – “Something in Spanish”

“Errr, Gracias…”      

So after sitting there for a while, looking stranded and abandoned and considering my options I decided to check out the spot I came for (and what might not be so hard since I knew the Spanish term) – Las Ruinas Mayas. People directed me towards a collectivo (taxi van), I hopped in, hoping it would drive me to my desired destination. See for yourself:

IMG_8622 Kopie

Back in town I asked some ancient lady in the tourist info about accomodation and got pointed towards the seemingly only man in town who could speak English – and who luckily also owned a hostel. That’s been my second day of a 5 week trip.. I really did have to improve my Spanish skills! Gotta make some Mexican friends (well, preferably some who I could speak to and understand in some way)!

IMG_86dd22 - Kopie

Next day I got recommended to visit the waterfalls Agua Azul and Misol-Ha. Beautiful, stunning places in the jungle, surrounded by alien plants and strange noises. I strolled around in the rain by myself, eager to speak more Spanish and meet new people. As easy as it goes in life I small-talked to some Mexican dude, turned out he also spoke fluent English, knew a bunch of people I would shortly get to know and party with too (at some shady Cantina)..

They later convinced me (wasn’t really hard) to join them on a round trip across Chiapas and after 2 hours of sleep, a failed attempt to hear the alarm and get up in time (had to pack my whole bagpack in a rush in the dark), the six of us were sitting in some van off to Bonampak…The start of an awesome week following some chido Mexicans around breathtaking ruines, rivers and jungles, not having to worry about organizing anything and heavily improving my Spanish skills. Travelling is so easy!

Gracias Chiapas y mis amigos! Me gustan muchos 🙂


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