Why I like the South of the US – and you should too!

1) The cuisine

I love beer cozies and drinking out of jars – typical Southern things that should be introduced around the globe.

They do have a lot of local breweries worth trying out down there (as a German citizen based in beer-paradise Franconia my evaluation on this matter can be trusted).

The Bloody Marys in the South are the most delicious ever. Ever. Ever!! (Compared to Germany and Las Vegas only, but I cannot imagine you will find better ones anywhere else). My favorite bars to sip the red delightness: Café 615 (Mobile, Sunday Brunch!!), Tsunami (Baton Rouge), Mason’s Grill (Baton Rouge, Sunday Brunch).

Bushwacker!! A creamy rum drink that tastes sweetly amazing. Even if you’re on a diet – drink it! It’s a glorious beverage from Pensacola, Fl and I tried mine at Florabama.

DSC_0407 - Kopie_bearbeitet-1

If you’re into seafood the South is the place to be. Crawfish, oysters and other fishy things are commonly available – since I don’t eat meat and fish myself there are no further recommendations..

Of course there are Po’boys and Jambalaya, but also Hushpuppies, grits and fried pickles are surprisingly enjoyable.


2) The architecture

There are lots of nice antebellum houses and mansions I’d love to live in. And of course beautifully laid back beach houses and condos.


3) The Cities

NOLA is probably most popular but if you’re into music, arts and going out Atlanta seemed cool to me (on my freezing 5 hour stop over), and also Nashville (Home of Country). For Elvis fans only I’d suggest Memphis just to check out Graceland. It’s also worth visiting if you’re into Ghettos and shady McDonald’s Restaurants… Dallas and Houston for their tall buildings and skyline (as European I’m a bit over-impressed by this). I do know for a fact that downtown Mobile is quite pretty and fun to go out.


4) The beaches

They.Are.Awesome. Long and lonely white sandy beaches and gentle waves, what more can you ask for. Seriously. I have been places. The Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Pazific, Mediterranean, Carribbean…Nowhere have I seen snow white beaches like in Orange Beach, Al.  Get your folding chairs out people, bring some cans of beer, a sunshade, put your toes in the water.. And listen to this song

Life is good…. And don’t forget to go skinny dipping at night!


5) The Mississippi delta

It’s a unique ecosystem worth checking out (although the road down there is a bit boring).


6) The weather

In short words: It’s hot, humid and sunny. I love it – they hate it! Someone actually complimented me on my tan, asking if I own a sunbed?! I mean really? Why’d I need a sunbed when I can own the sun?

6) The People

They are cute, talkative, helpful, friendly and everybody calls you baby or sweety… well, or Ma’am. If you need to improve your small talk skills you should come down here. I feel like I got to know half of Mobile’s population in the mall…Everybody always seems to be happy and cheery. Must be due to the constant sunshine 🙂

People from the South are so awesome, I had to marry one of them!!


9 thoughts on “Why I like the South of the US – and you should too!

      1. Aww, sunsets!! The second best thing after chocolate and wine! Do you think a stay there can be combined with New Orleans? Or is there another big city close by? Sorry if this question is stupid, you know how Europeans always underestimate the distances in the US 😉


      2. Totally, I’d even suggest it. New Orleans is a 3 hour ride away from Orange Beach (where the beaches are). Spending time in that area without seeing New Orleans would be stupid. Also it’s the closest international airport, so one could land there, stay a couple of days and then check out the beaches and the bars in Alabama and Florida 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That sounds like a brilliant itinerary! I think not many people visit this part of the US and go to places like Florida or California which is a shame as the beaches in Al look so much nicer. Thanks so much for the advice 🙂


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