Vallée d’Ourika

While on my 4 day trip to Marrakesh (read here) I went on a day trip to the Ourika Valley in the High Atlas Mountain range. You can easily get a car and drive there yourself if you like, me and my friend just booked a tour… That means on our way there we had to stop by at some herbal pharmacy, gift- and carpet shops. I have never met anybody who has bought carpets on their holiday but somebody really must do or there wouldn’t be so many businesses. Is that one of those things people don’t want to admit? Anyway.

Once we reached our destination we were introduced to our guide (I didn’t want one really) who we had to pay seperately. You don’t need a guide, just saying. Well, however, I didn’t. So we hiked up to that waterfall together with many other people, some in their flip flops. It’s so much fun to look into all these exhausted faces of some chubby tourists while I love hiking and jumped around like a goat.

Everybody hikes to the fourth of 7 waterfalls, but of course you can go further (and then it gets more expensive). Since my friend couldn’t be bothered I climbed up a little further by myself to check out the area. In the meantime my guide realized that I “was lost” and desperetaly started to panic and searched for me while I happily and driven by adrenaline hopped around from rock to rock and enjoyed myself like a baby. Finally re-united I learned that he has actually been worried and a little mad. How sweet.

All in all that trip was fun and worth it, so check out the pics to see for yourself.

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