An American’s first impressions of Germany / Beer rating

It’s been more than a week since my American husband arrived here and so far he’s loving it – especially the weather for some reason…

Here’s some things he realized about my home country:

  • A lot of men are bald but have a mustache (maybe to compensate for the loss of their main hair)
  • People say bye when they leave shops / people are generally friendly (who’d have thought that?)
  • Nobody wears flip flops, only in really hot weather
  • Everybody seems to be in a hurry
  • Not all houses are timbered
  • There are a lot of “weird” cars (e.g. hatch backs)
  • Barely any overweight people
  • Girls wear really short pants (ass cheeks hanging out)
  • Skinny jeans are a must have!! Nobody has baggy jeans on
  • Germans love to be outside
  • It cools down when a cloud moves in front of the sun (unlike in the South of the U.S. where its just constantly humid and hot)

Of course he also loves German food and the beer, so here’s the result of our rating (mostly local beers from the Bamberg area, also some from Munich)


Only 2 beers reached the top grade: Köstritzer Schwarzbier and Schlenkerla (Smoked beer), of which the latter is “by far the best”.

Generally the research has shown that dark beers have been well preferred, since they are “flavourful, smooth and easy to drink”.

The worst graded beer was Hoegaarden wheat beer from Belgium, that “tasted as light as an American beer”. Also the popular habit of mixing beer with white lemonade (Radler) hasn’t been approved by the test person.

Cheers to dark German beer!

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