A bike ride to Frankfurt – pedal, go, moan, repeat

Activity is awesome. I mean who likes to lay around on a frigging couch all weekend, the only free time one has? You gotta make something out of it, no matter if you’re broke or not. So I and my husband like to go on bike rides to check out the area. One point I saw the Frankfurt skyline in the distance and since it didn’t seem so far, I convinced him to cycle there. After 30 minutes I still saw the skyscrapers but they looked the same. Turns out that when you see a skyline it doesn’t mean you’re anywhere close to it. Being determined we reached Frankfurt city eventually, starving and with jello legs. Only to find out the place is crowded with tourists and there aren’t any kebab shops, so I had to go for some second class pretzel and some first class ice cream.

The 2.5 hour ride back was not as horrible and exhausting as we might have thought, and a lot of things have been learned:

  • It sucks wearing short shorts on a long ass bike ride since your butt skin just keeps sticking to the saddle. After a while it literally was on fire.
  • Don’t trust google maps to guide you home – it won’t make a difference between normal roads and gravel/sand/grass/agricultural paths that no one ever uses. It’s pretty bumpy, unpleasant for the derrière and rather exhausting. But you might get the chances to view baby rabbits.
  • The signing of bike lanes in this area does suck.
  • 35 km / 22 miles are further than you think.
  • Watching planes start while cycling isn’t so smart.
  • Your buttocks may or may not be swollen the next day.

Anyway, even with hurting legs and being exhausted, it’s still worth it to go out and do stuff. Nothing replaces that awesome moment when you get home to a filled fridge, have a fiest and relax on the couch.

Many thanks to Karl Drais for inventing the bike!!

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