Meanwhile in Belize

   She stepped off the ferry and felt relaxed the moment her feet touched the white, soft sand of Caye Caulker. After hours of travelling by bus and boat there were no other worries than to find a hostel, take a (probably cold) shower and swing her ass to a beach. Turned out to be an easy task, and 30 minutes later her body was surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise water and tiny yellow fish (yeah, that sucked a little – literally).

A cool beer in her hand, her butt on the sand, palm trees, sunshine and chilled music from the bar made her realize she was on a paradise island, taking a holiday from her travels. A few locals whispered “Uhhh, Baby… You’re a million Dollars” (probably not only to her) and she smiled.

Some newly made travel friends to cook and watch the stunning sunset with, a good book to read while listening to soft ocean waves made her stopover in Belize perfectly laid back. Occasionally it’s not bad to just collect shells, take a walk on the beach, watch people, do nothing and just appreciate that you are lucky enough to be able to visit heaven…


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