Durban, baby – hot, vibrant and smoooooth

If you ever get the chance – go to Durban! I mean, Cape Town isn’t bad, but Durban is real. It’s tropical, hot, spicy, African. It has a nice skyline you can see from the most beautiful beaches just a few meters away way from downtown.

But there is the other side, too – rent a car and just drive around. You’ll be stuck in the weirdest traffic and realize that the seemingly huge chaos around you is basically structured and easy to handle. You’ll get lost and find yourself in sketchy-looking areas just to learn that there is nothing to be scared of. You’ll have to stop because monkeys are crossing the road just to become more patiant and btw. …it’s hilarious to watch them steal food (and raid homes).

Durban is not only stunning beaches, but a mix af different cultures and people. I’d call it South Africa’s melting pot and you will realize that when you’re hungry. There’s so much awesome food – starting with ostrich steak, chicken feet and hot sauces, leading to the hottest curry you’ll ever have tried. There are so many different kinds of laid back, fun and happy people all around you who truly make you feel the spirit of Africa.

I mean, go check out the Big Five, the beaches, tree house hotels, wine areas and safary tents. Drive around in a game park wearing khaki shorts and a hat with a moskito net on – if that is what you think Africa should be like… fine! But in case that’s not enough for you – visit the cities too. Check out Durban. You’ll be surprised!

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