10 reasons why I like England

  1. The pubs! No matter where you are it won’t take you long to get to the nearest pub. They are cozily sticky, have funny names like “The Old Queen’s Head” or “The Hare and Hounds”, you get decent pub grub and a wide selection of local beers and ciders.
  2. Though the weather isn’t really as bad as you might think – especially in the Southern part – a little drizzle every now and then can be pleasant: No need to water the lawn, time for indoor activities (shopping, museums, pubs) and it isn’t a stylish faux-pas to wear rubber boots in the city.
  3. Shopping! Shopping in England’s cities is so much better than in Germany. There is a much wider selection of really hip stuff, dresses and going out- and office fashion. the only disadvantage is that you always have to share the shop with 1 Million other people, even on a Tuesday morning…
  4. You can behave badly without standing out. Especially on weekends I saw many loud groups of people who started drinking pretty much right when they left the office. It’s not uncommon to be in a train with a bunch of dressed up elderly women (moms) debating their affairs, cheats, piss ups etc. in an enthusiastic, open and noisy manner.
  5. Night life is adventurous and active. I have witnessed fights, arguments, shoutings and crying scenes (in the Ladies’ room). Also have I seen so many girls in too short and most importantly too tight clothes (come on, a smaller size doesn’t actually make you BE smaller/thinner). But since there are enough drunk guys who don’t care, they all might be getting laid in the end anyway (fortunately I haven’t observed that!)
  6. I do like tea. I have had some lovely cuppas in England out of old school cups with golden flowers. I am also a fan of fruit or herbal tea which funnily was referred to as “weird tea” over there. Of course… the only real thing is black tea with milk.
  7. The whole island is crossed by lots and lots of hiking and walking paths. There are very many picturesque spots, green fields dotted with sheep, smooth hills and pretty outcrops…only you have to go outside and look for them. And don’t forget to stop by at the pub on your way!
  8. Virgin trains. If you pre-book, you can get from Manchester to London in 2.5 hours for 13 pounds.
  9. They have awesome accents. Even Scousers.
  10. The Royals Beatles... oh, and the Indian cuisine of course.

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