Why having a job is not as bad as you might think – business trips

Most of us would agree to say we all work because we want the dineros. Some like their job more than others, but it’s always good to see the positive side of your daily 8 hour craziness. For example the business trips. I was recently sent to a buisness fair myself and certainly enjoyed all the extras that came along with it. You get to travel for free to visit fairs, customers, seminars and what so ever.

The good feeling starts with the travels to your destination, when you get to use one of the company’s fast and fancy cars (most cars are fancier than my own though). Finally you’re able to race down the motorway with a speed my own car is only able to do while going downhill. In case you don’t work for a bunch of creeps, the bosses normally pay for a decent hotel where you can hang out in the evenings, relax in the sauna, use the gym or have a launchy drink in the lobby. You see, I am used to staying in hostels or cheaper hotels on my backpacking trips, so everytime I get to stay somewhere “normal” I take it all in.

Another thing is that you mostly get invited to exclusive restaurants or sightseeing tours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking delicious wines and eating coq au vin at some stylish place you’d not want to pay for by yourself. IMG_q4481


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