Paris – City of Love or Hole of a Butt? A Critical Approach.

Paris – or how some might call it “la cité de l’amour” – has been my and my sweet husband’s recent weekend getaway trip for our one year wedding anniversary. But is it really the romantic city everybody claims it to be? Or is it more like the Japanese tourist destination of happiness? No offense, I really did like all the stylish Japanese people there, showing me a whole new technical horizon of how to shoot selfies – loved it.

But back to the point.. city of love?! Why? Because they have an “I-love-you-wall”?Because there are tons of cute brasseries and restaurants where you spend a fortune for a meal / glass of wine / fromageOr maybe because of the huge amount of cabaret entertainment á la Moulin Rouge, that’s surrounded by more or less similar classical “Porno Shops”.

Fact is, I really don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool place with lots of interesting sights, culture, antique flea markets, pretty architecture and certainly awesome tasting crêpes. But so are London, Venice or New York (apart from the crêpes and the cheese). Of course it’s romantic to have a picnic at the river Seine or in front of the Eiffel Tower, drinking red wine and all that (if you can find a lonely enough spot). But you can outdoor-dine romantically  in most other cities, and I personally didn’t get why it is Paris that’s being claimed la cité de l’lamour…

On the other side, I of course wouldn’t call it a butthole – sure, you can see the occasional rat, shabby building or sketchy person. But where can’t you? We had a really nice weekend there, with lots of awesome and lovely things to discover, extremely good cheese and wine and also experienced a bit of the laissez-faire mentality. It was my second time there and I will definitely come back one day – just not on a romantic mission!

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