The Cocktail and Champagne Club

I like cocktails, Prosecco and Champagne. I like them very much. Not just for the taste – it’s a whole sentiment. I like all the fancy fuzz that comes with it: Getting dressed up, attending champagne parties in exclusive locations, sipping the sparkling drink, having good conversations with people in suits and evening dresses… I enjoy sitting in hip bars with a group of fun people, listening to lounge music, laughing, chatting, ordering summary Coladas.

My husband likes beer and whisky. He enjoys dark and smoky Irish Pubs and underground bars. He doesn’t mind sitting right at the counter, drinking, watching ball games and doing nothing but relax, sipping his tasty Scotch and feeling happy.

Am I shallow for the reason that I don’t drink for the drinking’s sake, but for the posh classiness that preferably comes along with it (and even if it doesn’t – I still have the feeling of it)? Do I choose these drinks just because it reminds me of the lifestyle I like and not only because of their taste? And what if I had such a lifestyle, full of fancy events and holiday beverages? Would I join my sweetheart’s malty world of hops, wheat, rye and barley? Would I be signing up for the beer and whisky club?

I cannot imagine that happening.

And I’m glad and lucky enough to ask myself questions about drinking habits rather than how I’ll pay my next bills.


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