Be a good neighbour

Are you a good neighbour?…. Why? And what is “good” anyway? I live in a house together with 4 other parties, one of them the landlords. I think I am a good neighbour – always friendly, small talking, smiling. Don’t complain about occasional loud music. Don’t complain about how the cigarette smoke from next doors gets in my appartment. And honestly I don’t complain about their faces when I have to see them an don’t want to.

But they do complain. About my bike that should be located 2 centimetres /1 inch further right. About how we seperate our trash. About the wide selection of shoes in front of my door, that admittedly look a bit chaotic but so what? No reason to freak out, be uptight about it and definitely no reason to “feel uncomfortable about when they get visitors“, regarding how they look themselves what I would be embarrassed about..

Also recently an old man started to yell at me for parking my car at the side of the street near his house (which is a public parking space): “Hey, you! Why do you park here? Can you not park where you live? Where do you live?” -50 metres further- “Yeah, I could! But I knew you’d stand there and watch where people park. I wanted to upset you old f***er!”imagesCA6Z422X

I wish I lived in my own secluded house – or at least around people who mind their own businesses (but they can barely be found in Germany it seems).


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