After a two week Sri Lankan holiday I safely made it home, back to work and real life. My bag however was lucky enough to spend another memorable day in Doha, whereas I just about caught my flight.

I will be posting about my travels in the next few days or weeks, but lets start with my last day / my trip home. From Unawatuna it took me 6 hours(!!) to get to the airport. It took so long because public transportation really sucks balls there (in terms of speed and comfort – not in terms of price though), but also due to some inconveniences on the road (in other words: a cow). Yeah, right, my train hit a holy suicidal cow and had to stop in the middle of nowhere. The lights turned off, babies cried and the worst thunderstorm I have ever experienced started to break off with blinding lighnings and deafening thunder.

After finally arriving in Colombo I had to march through the pouring down rain, to find the bus to the airport, that only arrived 1 1/2 hours later. When I at last made it there, I discovered there was no WiFi at all available, it was chilly and I had the pleasure of listening to the same X-mas CD again and again until after another 6 hours waiting / passing out the boarding  started.

The flight was pleasent enough but unfortunately delayed, giving me a headache about if I’ll make my connection flight or if I’d have to stay another night in Doha. When we landed the boarding of my other plane had already begun, so I started running as soon as the doors opened across the whole frigging airport at 6 am in the morning to catch my flight back home. I was never happier to be in shape than during that race. So I made it, unluckily my bag didn’t, but has been delivered to my work the very next day, where I enjoyed a cuppa real Ceylon tea – a little bit of post-holidays in cold and wintery Germany.



3 thoughts on “#backatwork

  1. The public transportation experience must have been really horrible. Interesting to see that you made it to the airport so early anyway. Luckily your plane didn’t hit anything and you made it home safely 🙂


    1. Yeah, it’s just a pain in the ass, since busses take more than double the amount of time than taxies, and they stuff up to 300 people in.. I made it so early because my plane only left at 4 am but the last train I had to take at 4 pm. You’re right – I didn’t even realize it when the train hit the cows. Glad there weren’t any animals on the runway 🙂

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