Climbing Adam’s Peak

Although the weather has been cloudy, drizzly and not tropical like at all so far, I was still determined to climb Adam’s Peak. It’s a pilgrimage path containing like 5500 steps (of which some were really, really big). The season starts early December and ends in May. During that time, the way up is well lit and there are a lot of tea stores you can stop by and relax. However, I missed the season by on day, it was dark and I had to use a torch.

Point of it all is to hike up at night and watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. So me and like 40 other similarly eager tourists got up at 2 am, being excited, adventurous and a little bit scared of all the struggle ahead of us. At first there was thunder and lightning, but in the end it cleared up and the weather conditions seemed to be perfect for the long hike up (expectedly 3-4 hours). And a long hike it was. I have not done many equally demanding and exhausting things before, it was truly hard work and I was actually glad the lights have been turned off so I didn’t see the big steps and the remaining distance.

After two hours of constant climbing (except of one time in the beginning when I stopped and accidently donated $ 10 because I thought it was required) we reached the only out of season tea store and I was confident that we’re closely approaching the summit… Only to learn it will be another hour to hike and it would get even steeper. Appearently I was the only one who expected to be there in ten minutes – I almost cried!

My legs were full of pain (remember? The day before I’ve climbed Sigiriya) when I finally made it to the top, happy and in expectation of watching the most beautiful sunrise in my life. At around 5:30 the horizon started to light up. At 5:34 the whole mountain was covered by a huge cloud and all I could see was greyish-white blurriness. Driven by optimism we all waited another hour in the cold, wet fog for it to clear up to at least see the wonderful view – but only for the birds.

After all it was still a cool experience, you know, up there in the clouds. But damn.. I missed out on some stunning landscapes that sadly have been hidden away, so I could fully concentrate on the pain in my knees whilst walking back down 5500 massive, wet steps.

adam's Peak
Adam’s Peak
The firsts steps - doesn't seem so bad at all...
The firsts steps – doesn’t seem so bad at all…
I'm reaaadddyyy
I’m reaaadddyyy
Stunning views
Stunning views

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