The Sun Pops out in Ella – Sri Lanka

After climbing Adam’s Peak and still being able to walk somehow I haven’t had enough of hikes and landscapes and went straight to Ella. It’s a lovely small place located within the most beautiful sceneries, hills and tea plantations. There were lots of bars and restaurants and for the first time I felt like really being on holidays. I have met a bunch of people and we all went out to eat very fine curries, drink some Lion beers and tasty Piña Coladas.


That night has been pretty shitty (there have been like 10 000 moths in and around my room and I couldn’t leave the safetiness of my mosquito net although I had to pee), but the next morning bright sunrays woke me up and I jumped out of bed in happiness – no more rain and fog, at least for now. Also the moths were gone and I could finally use an insect-free bathroom.

We all set out to climb the “Little Adam’s Peak“, not without huge pains in my calf muscles. Turned out the name has been given correctly, since it was more like a nice stroll than a hike with lots of awesome, picturesque views. Best thing of all is that we could actually see the stunning landscape since although clouds were creeping in again, it was still nice enough and sunny when we reached the peak. However, that changed right when we arrived back in town and we decided to leave the hills and head towards the coast – a bit of a shame because Ella has much to offer and I’d have loved to hike and walk around more. But also did I really want to get some sun and escape the monsoon.



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