Summertime, Drinks and Turtles – Sri Lankan Beachfun

My final Sri Lankan post is all about summer, sun, sand and cocktails – it’s all about beachtime. I spent four days at Tangalle, one at Mirissa and one at Unawatuna, and of course it has been glorious. Everyday was hot and sunny (well at first, in the late afternoon it mostly rained, but we will ignore that), my skin was tanned, my lips salty. When I travelled by myself it was just me, the heat, a drink and my e-book. When I had company it was basically the same but, you know, with company.

In Tangalle we were a group of five, of which two English guys (in need of some tan) had booked a quite fancy resort, that had its own little lagoon, lots of palm trees and good food. The rest of us stayed at some cheap homestay accomodation near the “party”-part of the long beach, and every day we took the 30 minute march to their place, where we have been welcome to hang out and use their sunbeds and hammocks. Well worth it, although the walk got a bit annoying since the sand was so soft that you’d sink in with every step, what turned a pleasent beach stroll into a hike. Nevertheless, awesome it was.

One of the highlights in Tangalle has been to watch some big ass turtles creep out of the water, dig a huge hole and lay tons of eggs before they dragged themselves back into the ocean. The whole time I felt so bad, disturbing, watching, and – even worse – photographing such an intimitate event. I mean, there were golf ball sized eggs falling out of her body – if that would happen to me, I sure wouldn’t want a whole crowd to witness that.

DSC_3873 (6)

I preferred Tangalle over Mirissa and Unawatuna, not because the latter aren’t beautiful, but due to its long stretch and the secluded area. There are spacious beach restaurants and bars and the further east you go, the busier it gets. The beaches in Mirissa and Unawatuna are gorgeous but small bays, with fine grained, white sand and lots of lively bars, restaurants and music for all of you who like it more active. There is always something going on, but not so much to explore (or maybe I just haven’t found it) but Arrack with ginger beer and spicy curries – which is not a bad, but in fact, a very tasty Thing!

Writing this I wish I could fly back right now with my love, my book and my white winter skin. Alternatively I am going to just drink some rum and ginger beer, turn on the Radiator, and jump into my swim suit – maybe it helps to forget about that stupid, European winter.

DSC_4227 DSC_4063 DSC_4050 DSC_4040 DSC_4013 DSC_3922 DSC_4045 DSC_3895 DSC_3890 DSC_4087 DSC_4207 DSC_4215

4 thoughts on “Summertime, Drinks and Turtles – Sri Lankan Beachfun

  1. Oh, I wish I’d known about Tangalle when we were in Sri Lanka. We stayed in Unawatuna (but it was very quiet then, hardly any tourists because it was just after the war ended). And no need to worry about the turtle’s privacy – the mom actually goes into a trance while she’s laying the eggs and has no idea what’s going on around her! 🙂


    1. I didn’t know that, but it makes me feel a little better. Some turtles went out but turned back into the sea, I guess because they felt disturbed. There have been armed guards to protect the eggs from people who steal and eat them. All in all it was an impressive experience, I have never really seen big turtles on land before 🙂


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