Missing Sunshine and Outdoor Shenanigans

Winter sucks so much, no words can even describe it. At least here, where it is nothing but dark and wet. I wouldn’t mind it being crispy cold and sunny, but unfortunately that’s not how it is. Grey skies, deep clouds, rain and drizzle is what I get, and the darkness all around me makes me look like a zombie.

Whenever I am lucky enough to see the sun – for a very short moment – I run to the window, open it and just stare into that lovely ball of fire until it disappears again. And feel happiness for a while before I go back to my desk.

I cannot wait for the days to get longer and hopefully brighter to be able to do open-air stuff again. I miss hanging out outdoors so much, I even took my husband downtown the other day, to chill out in the park with a bottle of wine. In the rain. Under a tree. And I enjoyed it. We wrapped ourselves up, sat on a damp bench and it was fun. However I hope the days will soon be here where you can do such a thing again without freezing, passing by people look at you weirdly for just spending some quality couple time in the drizzle.


hobo-ing around in the rain

What do you guys do to save yourself from the winter-blues, I’d be happy for advice of any kind! I mean, I know bars, restaurants and cinemas are awesome places, but that can’t be all, right. Summer drinks don’t really do it for me either and even bright lamps can’t replace the sun. Looks like I just have to wait for spring and meanwhile drink wine in the rain – for sure better than stying in, no matter how dark, windy and grey it is….


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