Yes, Wine and Good Food Do Make You Happy

If you have read my past post, you’ll know that the winter blues got me and nothing seems to be fun anymore. Dull skies and drizzle, dark days, cold weather… not my thing and every day I ask myself why I don’t live in Florida or California (note to myself: Take that into consideration)!

So, I went to town, shopped around a little, wanting to spend some money to bring my mood up, but without success. Inside the shops its boiling hot, outside it’s cold – taking off and on my coat, scarf and hat every 5 minutes and having to carry it around while checking out clothes is not too much fun. I should have brought my husband to hold all my shit, but anyway – he gladly stayed at home. Besides that, most sale offers just sucked – no wonder all those ugly pieces ended up on winter sales.

And then of course, when I finally found something I liked, it was fucking expensive – I really shouldn’t have gone into that desigual store to torture myself.. It’s either a 100 $ shirt or that skiing trip, and I have made my choice. All I bought in the end was some contact solution and medicine – quite depressing. Also I somehow managed to lose 5 EUR, which is sad.

But today is different – of course, it’s friday, I’ll be free for two days. But that’s not all. I warmed up some potatoe-curry soup I cooked yesterday, poured in a glass of very tasty Italian red wine, made the table nice and enjoyed my dinner. It’s just the little things sometimes.. Little things that brighten up your dull winter day!


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