Trapped in the Matrix in the Taunus Mountain Range

Since it’s been a sunny day, my husband and I went on a trip to the nearby Taunus Mountains (hills, really) to check out the highest peak (Großer Feldberg). Naturally we went up there by car, as you would expect it of proper Americans – it was well too cold for a long hike anyway 😉


It was gorgeous. The air crispy cold and clear, frosty trees, snowy landscapes and nice views – my kind of winter wonderland. So, we walked and strolled around the paths just under that peak, when the following happened:

We saw a sign pointing straight ahead,  saying: “Kleiner Feldberg – 1.2 km”. Eagerly we decided to take a look at the “little peak” and walked that way, through a nice, foresty scenery, with other people moving along, coming from the opposite direction. Things started to get weird when an elderly couple passed by – and five minutes later they walked by again!! Déjà vu? Time Loop? The Matrix? I looked at my husband who was as creeped out as I was. “Man, those old people nowadays are quick! They must have taken a little loop off road or something”.

Shortly after that incident I spotted another sign, that unfortunetaly said again: “Kleiner Feldberg – 1.2 km”. WTF?? I started to bitch about how stupid the signings here are and will we ever find back to the car with all those strangely signed little forest roads, when a whole group of people came along from my right side….. aaaaand, we realized we have walked in circles – the car park was only 100 metres away.

F*** you, little peak! Let’s just go have some coffee!

10945_n DSC_4376 DSC_4403


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