Train Rides. Suck!

I don’t use public transportation much. They are expensive. You have to keep a schedule. I’m from the country and used to my own four wheels. When I went to university public transportation was included in the fee, so I used them, but we never became friends.

Now, here I am on a business trip in Hamburg, and for some reason they made me take the train. Not only is it hella expensive (like 100 bucks one way), also have the last 3 rides been, well, let’s say not pleasant. The following happened:

1st ride (Wiesbaden – Hamburg):

Train to Frankfurt has been delayed, I missed my connection train and had to hang around at the station for an hour

2nd ride (Hamburg – Wiesbaden):

Almost arrived at Frankfurt but someone decided to commit suicide on the tracks, we got detoured, I got home 2 hours late

3rd ride (Wiesbaden – Hamburg):

Everything went smoothly, except now I’m sick because of all those people and viruses that happen to be on a train – but not in my car. Also that Swiss dude woulnd’t shut his mouth the whole journey

Point of the story is. I’m in Hamburg, in my hotel room with a huge headache and a cold. I know, it could be worse. I could be the guy who died on the tracks.

hey from hamburg
hey from hamburg

Btw.: Hamburg is awesome!

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