Boarding in the Snow – Of Turns and Determination

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Snowboarding is so much fun – if you know how to do it. The learning phase is literally a pain in the ass…

So, I went on a trip to Austria with my fellow co-workers to board the shit out of those foggy hills. Only have I overestimated my boarding skills I gained seven years ago, when my ex took me to some tiny hill for two days to teach me. All I remember from that is that I somehow “raced” down the hill, landed on my butt and couldn’t sit properly for an entire three weeks.

Anyway, I was provided snowboard and helmet, and off we went. I knew how to slide down the hill, but turned out I couldn’t do the turnes (anymore?). It was pretty frustrating, because it went well when my boss held my hands while doing it, but by myself – I’ve just been too scared, especially with the heelside-toeside-turn.

It is hella frustratiang to be beaten by your own mind that tells you:

“Sabine! Don’t do it! You might fall! And probably die! Lean backwards! And fall down on your knees!!!” – And so I did. Everytime. Boarding, trying that turn, shitting myself, on my knees! On the plus side, it’s a pretty good workout to fall and get back up over and over again. But at some point I thought – ok, f*** it, tomorrow I’ll go hiking!

However, giving up that easily is not what I do. So while the others already sat in the hut, joining the Aprés-Ski-Party, Jagertee and hot soups, I was still on the beginners hill (with a bunch of tiny kids, being pros on skies), determined to manage those turns – but no success!

A new day, a new chance – and there it happened!! I rode up that hill, all anxious but after a good night’s sleep and less drinking than the night before my body has recovered from yesterday’s pains. I was fresh, I was motivated and in a good mood. I boarded downhill – not perfectly but way better than the day before, and I was able to do my first proper heelside-toeside-turn. WHAT A FEELING! I know I can do it now, so screw you, mind!

Although I still fell down on my butt and knees a shit load, I figured I was through with it, I was able to do the turns, and snowboarding became more and more fun! So the point of this story is:

Don’t give up, even though it gets hard! I know, giving up might be easier, but then you will miss out on the fun afterwards! Be determined! Do it! Practise! Again and again! Eventually you will get rewarded! Eventually you will be boarding like a pro!

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