Austrian Food – Sweet ‘n’ Heavy

I’m so glad I snowboarded all day long when I was in Austria, so I got some good workout to be able to try all their local food without having a bad conscious – it’s indeed either heavenly sweet or heartily heavy. Never have I tried Kaiserschmarren as softly, Apfelstrudel as tasty and dumplings as delicate as on this trip to Tyrol. But see for yourself:

Btw.: Not only the foods, also their local Schnapps tastes first class.

Frittaten Suppe (pancake soup) and Wiener Schnitzel with awesome salad, beer and wine
Pasta dumplings filled with herby cream cheese, topped with fried oniens, Wiener Schnitzel and Tiroler Gröstl (right; fried potatoes, meat, egg on top)
Kaspressknödel Suppe (onion-egg-cheese-dumplings)
Potato-, spinach- and cheese dumplings in oily sauce
Kaiserschmarren (pancakey pieces with powdery sugar and thick apple sauce)

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