The Shady Days Are Over

Febuary rules – well, at least compared to January. The sun is out much more often, and most importantly – much longer. I don’t have to go running anymore in the darkness after work – what a great success, mother earth, for managing once again to travel past that peak point on your annual  “loop” around the sun.

IMG_4225 (2)Everything is just so much better when the skies are blue, no matter what you do. Things are bright and happy, and even though it’s still crispy cold out there, you can already feel how the sun warms up your face. It’s the time of the year where you are able to just sit on your deck, all wrapped up, in the sunshine, read books and have a drink. I’m already in the summary mood of mimosas and daiquiries again – mulled wines and teas start to become a faint memory.

Sun-break at my office window

I’m just crazily in love with the sun – it makes me happy. It makes my husband happy (because a “happy wife means a happy life”). It makes most other people happy, so they are smiling on the streets and actually starting to be friendly to each other again.

I’m done with dull weather and grey skies, big hats and scarfs and winter coats. I’m ready for those sunshades to be on my nose. And even though it won’t be warm enough for shorts and shirts anytime soon – I’ll take the progress. I’ll handle the cold like a woman because I can see and feel, that the wintery, dark and wet days are numbered.

Ice crystals on my wind screen this morning
Snow last weekend
More pretty crystals in the evening sun




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