Being Merry With The Man

A lot of people refer to their partners as “best friend”. Some to steal horses with. Soulmates. But can – or should – that really be true?

I mean – out of 7 billion people on earth.. what a coincidence would it be if your soulmate lived two blocks away and spoke the same language. Why wouldn’t he or she sit in a hut in the Andes Mountains? Or live in some remote hills in China? It’s pretty unlikely that everybody’s soulmate would be so easy to get in touch with that they all can actually start to date.

UnbenanntUnderstandably most of you call their husbands and boyfriends “best friends”, which in my opinion is a good thing. I’d include my man in the precious circle of best friends – but in fact he is not – because I married that guy. I wouldn’t marry my best friend… Also he doesn’t like what me and my friends like to do: Gossipping, shopping, going for walks, hour hong conversations,…

But what me and the man will always be able to do is: Having fun. In fact he kind of taught me how to really have fun. Not sophisticated fun, like going to museums or visiting exhibitions (which in my view is fun too). But stupid, pure fun. I can pack him, some beers, champagne, snacks and warm clothes in a car, drive up a snowy hill and have a blast on a saturday evening. I can take him down to the river in the dark and have a two “man” party –  exactly like as if we had only just met. We drink, laugh and debate “meaningless” things like “what if we all had tails” and sorts like that.

I know, that doesn’t all sound extraordinary or crazy – but I know so many couples (including myself back in the day) who wouldn’t even think of doing “fun” things with their partners. Things beyond eating out at a restaurant or watching movies. I’m talking about shenanigans, guys, drinking, acting childish, laughing loudly, jumping toilet barriers or using that one with a view. Just little things “normal” grown ups wouldn’t want to do because it’s too embarrassing. But who gives a shit, just don’t do it in front of your mom / boss.

Life is so serious most of the time, you know. Work, bills, food shopping, bad news on TV all the time. And sooner or later we’ll all have to say Good-bye anyway, so why not have some stupid fun every now and then. Just to laugh, forget your worries. Do some weird stuff you’ll remember forever. Don’t always be boring (I know we all are though) – every now and then: JUST DON’T GIVE A SHIT!

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4 thoughts on “Being Merry With The Man

  1. Great post and cute relationship! I can totally boyfriend and I love to travel together and a lot of times we act immature in the process of it..makes for an interesting and fun relationship! Couples who stick together know how to keep in interesting and fun. Glad I came across your blog ! 🙂

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