Why Not Open a Beach Bar in Sansibar

Life can be stressful and annoying at times. At least here, in Germany. Maybe not so much in Jamaica, Mexico or Samoa, where – I have heard – people in general are less stressed and therefor happier. But those Germans want everything to be perfect and spotless it seems.

There are tons of unimportant things, they get tense about – if the trash is not seperated properly, if there is a tiny scratch on the car, if your bike or yourself is in their way… Lots and lots of discussions, law sues and arguments about tiny shit that – in my view – barely matters.. But one always needs something to bitch and get upset about.

Recently the shower tub in my appartment cracked, and the first thing the landlords said was: “That was your fault“. The very first thing. Without even looking at it properly. Obviously I didn’t brake it, the only way I could have was if I had jumped around on it like a crazy monkey doing a rain dance. I’m so annoyed and stressed out by it. I can’t be bothered having to fight about something shitty like that, can’t be troubled taking the blame and dealing with it.

What I want to do though is to just get a new place, where I will never get in trouble and be able to just get home frome work and mind my own business – or actually take a shower. What I really want to do though is to move somewhere relaxed, to the Caribbean, or a similar sweet place, open a beach bar, offer sweet cocktails and spicy snacks to happy tourists in bikinis, holding my butt in the sun each day and maybe learn how to surf…. one day I might.

Maybe here:


or there:

IMG_9999 (85)

I can’t imagine Jamaicans complaining about the way you park, Puerto Ricans bitch about the way you seperate the trash or people from Sansibar care about your walking pace..

I hate to generalize, but I do think some nations are more likely to make fuzz about stupid shit than others – it’s at least the way I have experienced it on my travels.

I’m going to name my bar: Think Drink – Stress Less

Hope to see you guys there then…….



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