How Do You Handle Stress?


I have had a lot of stress lately, and still have. It bothers me so much I can barely think about anything else, I lose my appetite and get sick. Even when I draw my attention to something else, like work or a book, the problem always remains in the back of my brain as a tiny, annoying spot, whispering: “Here, I am, … Still around! You shall not forget about me! – Love, Problem XY”

I tell myself that it will be solved sooner or later and that more carefree days are ahead. And they are. I have my favourite passion – my travels – and my family, and I have a good job with nice co-workers around me.

So, dear me,

just try to think positive, relax and take a bunch of deep breathes. Imagine yourself chilling at the beach, the hot sun kissing your face, there is a gentle breeze and a drink in your hand. Stop worrying about stuff you can’t change and just go ahead. It won’t kill you!!

My response: It’s really hard to, but I’ll try. I’ll start right now. I’ll do some butt kicking Billy Blanks – Tea Bo workout and then I may have a tiny glass of Irish whisky. I will read a good book, all cuddled up on my couch and watch the snowflakes fall down outside… And start to get ready to go to Madrid for the weekend: Sangria, Tinto de Verano, Cava, Tapas….

I hope it’ll help! what do you guys do when you have things that bother you? Eat ice cream? Drink alcohol? Talk to people? Escape? Write blog posts?

Although I like the thought about escaping (I’ll pack my bags on Friday), it surely cheered me a little to write this down, so if you ended up reading until here! Muah and many thanks!

– Love, Sabine

2 thoughts on “How Do You Handle Stress?

  1. Wow, I would love to go to Spain! Someday I will.

    I’ve had a lot of stress the past few months, and it has been quite hard to cope, but I have been hanging out with and venting to friends, blogging, and trying to stay positive. It can be difficult, but this too shall pass. 🙂

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  2. I’m sure someday you will, it’s a nice place.
    Yeah, it’s hard to stay positive sometimes but then I tell myself that as long as me and my family and friends are healthy it can’t be too bad. Other people have far worse problems! But things are much easier said than done 🙂


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