10 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been complaining a lot lately, about stress and stuff that bothers me. Here now a happier post…

10 Things That Make Me Happy (just whatever crosses my mind first). Let’s see..

1    Being married to the manIMG_2450

Even though he can make me mad a lot and there are arguments and disagreements. Even though we are very different people with dissimilar interests… Quite often I just look at him and it makes me smile.

2    Travelling

My favourite passion. I have the urge to explore the world, discover new places, stunning landscapes, other cultures, interesting people, tasty food. It’s just my thing. No matter if I camp, sleep in a car or being accomodated in style. I love it. Weekend- or world trips, close or far. I just love, love, love to pack my bags and go on Holidays.

3    My family

They are always there to help me out, regardless of how old I am. I know even still when I’m 80 and they are like 105 years old, I will always be able to call them whenever I have problems

4    AnimalsDSC01719

I’m an animal-lover. They are cute, playful, and loyal. There are not many people you can trust 100 percent, but you sure can rely on animals. Watching adorable dogs or cats jumping around, falling asleep while they are eating or pooping in their sleep always puts a smile on my face, however sad I am.

5    The Sunsonne

Sunny weather is so important for my happiness, I just love when it warms up my face and makes everything bright and friendly. Once the sun is out, you can certainly find me outdoors too, no matter how cold it is.

6    Shopping

No further explanation needed.

7    Socializing

I like to be around people (most of the times) and communicate with them – on social media or in real life. I am very talkative plus I do enjoy listening to other’s stories. Having friends is not too bad.

8    Sports

The feeling when you come back from a run and you realize that your head has been completely free. You just ran and ran, not thinking of anything at all. It’s the most amazing feeling and as a bonus it makes you look good in a Bikini.


9    Hugs and kisses

We all need them – there is no denying.

10   Photography

I love taking and editing pictures. For me it’s a good tool to express the small amount of creativity I have, but also it’s a life memory. I have so many photos, it’s like a visual diary – and I do love to just look at them again and again to memorize where I’ve actually come from.

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