Gracias Chiapas II – Yaxchilán and Bonampak

Ahh, Mexico, country of party people, sombrero music and tasty, bean containing food. Ages ago I wrote about me arriving in Palenque, all alone and with little Spanish knowledge. Not long did it take me to get to know a bunch of Mexicans, partied with them and changed my travel plans to follow them around “off the beaten track” (I kinda hate using that term).

Anyway, the adventure started at like 5:30 am when some taxi driver entered our dorm room and woke us up. Everybody relied on me to hear the alarm, since I assured them “I’ve never not heard one“… There is a first time for everything. So we packed our bags in a rush and off we went.

First destination was Yaxchilán, a beautiful but barely known Maya settlement in the middle of the jungle that can only be reached by boat on the Rio Usumacinta. We had the whole place for ourselves and it’s been the prettiest of all Maya ruins I have been to. Quiet and picturesque, surrounded by trees, bushes and roots.

At the same occasion I found out that the red stuff they serve with food isn’t merely a side of chopped tomatoes but pretty damn hot salsa. I had a whole spoon full and the experience was pain- and tearful.IMG_8822

IMG_8856 IMG_8842 IMG_8838

After lunch we went to Bonampak, another ancient Maya place with pretty paintings inside the ruins. That’s basically what it’s “famous” for since the location itself is less stunning – but you get some good views.

After all that excitement and a looong day we somehow (the Maxicans did all the organizing and I did the following) endet up spending the night somewhere in the middle of nowhere. They only had really expensive beer, but comfy hammocks on the porch and a dog.

Guys if you read this – thanks for taking me along and teaching me some Spanish!

 IMG_8887 IMG_8904

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