A Perfect Day in Madrid

1. Choose a place right in the center – at the Puerta del Sol. It feels exciting to stay right where all the life and partying is going on. DSC_4649

2. Get up, check out one of the nice cafés / bakeries and realize everybody is having a 10 am beer. Have one too!

3. Stroll along the tiny streets in the center near the Plaza Mayor. Buy some souvenirs or other cool stuff for yourself. Sit down at one of the outdoor places and have some sangria / tinto de verano / beer. DSC_4659

4. Try tapas. The ham (jamon) is really good and so are patatas bravas. Both go well with another glass of sangria! DSC_4987

5. Walk around more to see some sights like the Palacio Real, the Catedral de la Almudena and all the awesome architecture everywhere. Also check out some of Madrid’s parks. you might want to lay down and realx in the sun for a while. Maybe with a bottle of wine you bought from the supermarket and some olives.


6.  Check out the Gran Vía! Cool looking buildings, fancy shops and a great metropolitain atmosphere. Have a cocktail (or sangria) on top of one of the rooftop bars and watch the sun go down. DSC_4839

7. Have more tapas (and more sangria).

8. Party in the Museo del Jamon, where drinks and snacks are cheap as da f#ck and it’s always busy. DSC_5011

9. Do some more bar hopping / sangria drinking with a bunch of good friends until you’re tired. DSC_4727

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