How to Be Happy When You Really Should Be?


I have read a lot of your blogs recently, in which you talk about happiness, how to have a happy relationship and that one should take the risk for changes when you are not happy.

Now I’m wondering… I can make out my life to be awesome: No financial problems, a loving family, a job that’s not too bad (I’m still in the learining phase), a husband that loves me and a good bit of travelling to far and close destinations should make me be at least feel content.

People tell me they are jealous because I’m always on the run, doing exciting things and having fun all the time… so it seems at least. But truth is, between travel days, and fun days, and exciting days – there are boring days. Too many if you ask me!

Truth is also, although I know I am complaining on a high level, I am sort of not content. I know there are others out there that desperately want children, a husband, more money, more excitement – all things I really have (well, except of the kids which is fine!!!). I do have a good life, when I think about it, and yet I’m not really happy!

Most of the times, I see things negatively, I expect the worst case scenario, I ALWAYS have the feeling that the grass is much much greener on the other side! I could have a more meaningful job, more travel time, a husband who has more things in common with me, more friends – I really should have more friends.

And here I am, wondering if I just have really high expectations that can never be reached, or if there is a way to see things more positively? And if so, I’d really like to know what way that may be?

I seem to be getting put down by all those social media, where you see and hear of people doing aweseome shit constantly while I have to earn money. Who meet friends in hip bars for after work hours  while I don’t really know many people around here. Who seem to have exciting, creative jobs, maybe get to work with animals while I work indoors.

You’d probably say: If you don’t like it – change it! You’re right. But what if it’s hard for you to meet new people in a new city (making friends in Germany IS really hard!). What if you need that job so you can save money to fulfill your dream in a year or two? I know once I’m on a world trip and think about it  – it will have been worth it. I wish I could just work towards my goals and be a bit happier and more content with my life (that’s in fact really not so bad) while I get there…

3 thoughts on “How to Be Happy When You Really Should Be?

  1. I know where you’re coming from. Sometimes, even when everything is “fine” in our lives, something still seems to hold us back or keep us from being happy. Even if everything is working out well, it doesn’t necessarily make us happy. Life is funny that way.


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