High Romanian Cuisine and a Pig From Belgium

I love food – especially homemade, traditional food from different countries. Delightfully my Romanian friends cooked dinner for us last weekend, and it was pure happiness for my tastebuds.

The menu started with ciorbă rădăuţeana. That’s chicken soup (for me without chicken) consisting of cream, root veggies (carrots, parsnips, celery), parslay, garlic, eggs, cream and ….. vinegar! First I thought… what? vinegar? But it turned out to be really good and smooth.


By the way.. In Romania you begin your meal with a shot of Țuică – Romanian plum schnaps containing like 30 to 60 percent of alcohol. The one we had was made by my friend’s mom. A good way to start your dinner!

The main course was called tochitura, which is a meat based dish rounded up by cottage cheese, fried eggs and mămăligă, the latter being some kind of corn porridge that’s being served instead of bread. The meat my friends prepared was pork, cooked not as fatty as it might have been cooked in the land of vampires.

The supposedly cute pig actually came from Belgium, where my friends went to in winter to slaughter it themselves (with the help of some butcher they know there). It has been happily raised on a farm, until a bunch of Romanians came over to kill it, cut it in pieces, put it in their trunk and freeze it!

Since I am a vegetarian, they also made some potato ships, filled with super tasty, blended veggies! How very sweet of them regarding that Romania is a nation of meat lovers and barely anyone understands why people would just decide not to eat it!!


The dessert consisted of lemony cheese cake (with ice cream), sparkly German champagne and some shots of self made egg nog – sweet and so delicious. I wish there was no such thing as calories and we all could have eaten a whole cake by ourselves..


It was indeed the perfect dinner with good company and lots of fun for me and my stomach. Thank you ❤

P.S. There are tons of recipes online, in case some of you like to treat yoself with homemade Romanian delicacies!!!


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