Get Your Lazy Ass in Shape!

Dear me,

I see you have been letting yourself go in the past few weeks. Mexican food, Romanian food, food at family parties, Milka cocolate cakes at work. And what’s the deal with your obsession about cereal? Do you need to have that twice a day?

I see that new little fat roll on your belly when you sit down. It’s there! Don’t you deny it! That shit doesn’t come from the healthy soy, tofu and rice dishes you used to make. It grew because of the lazy cooking you guys have been doing recently. Pasta and sauces bought from the store. Cheese dips. French fries. You name it!

I know you have been working out half-heartedly. Walking briskly isn’t running – just in case you don’t know that.. It’s just cheating on yourself. You used to be able to run the WHOLE loop – you can still do it, lazy mama.

I know you have been placing your butt on the couch right after coming home from work a lot (or right after coming home home from your brisk walk / run). Sitting around all day long in the office and at home sucks balls, girl! You know it!!

See that woman pinned on your fridge? There is a reason that picture is on it. That’s what’s going to happen!! If you don’t….


Love, your former sporty and motivated self! XX


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