Happy, Sunny Easter, Ya’ll

Isn’t Easter one of your most favourite holidays, too? A spring holiday, where all flowers start to blossom, you can take your first sunbaths and drink champagne outdoors without having to be wrapped in covers. I love it! The days are long-ish again and I’m getting all active and excited (for no reason really – just because summer is so close).

Isn’t Easter one of your most favourite holidays, too, since it gives you a good long weekend off and a good excuse to see your family? My parents live in the middle of nowhere. Literally. The next bigger places (70.000 inhabitants) are like 40 minutes away. Feels like a world trip to go clothes shopping. But none the less I love visiting there, smelling the rural odeur of shit, being stuck in a dust cloud behind a giant agricultural vehical, listening to “mooohs”, “maaeehhs” and endless bird twitter conversations – uuuhh, home sweet home.

And isn’t Easter one of your most favourite holidays, too? Think about all that food. This very moment I’m lying in my bed upstairs and can hear and smell my mom cooking something utterly delicious – roulades, dumplings and red cabbage. There are also fresh, sweet pastries that allow me to start my day with a 500 cal doughnut, followed by several nougat eggs and eggnog. I’ll compensate that with a run through the fields and a stroll over one of the easter markets (where I will probably end up eating more tasty and unhealthy but self made easter food, because you just gotta yolo your calorie input sometimes.

Happy Easter, ya’ll!

IMG_2656 (2)

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