Polish Delights – Travels, Good Beer and Chicken Feet

Why not go east? Why not go check out Poland where at least they have good beer, vodka and cucumber soup.

It has so much more though. Like pretty, romantic city centers (let’s not talk about the rest of the cities, I’d say they have their own charms). There are beautifully restored buildings, the hugest amount of restaurants – really, it took me an hour to decide where I wanted to dine – and if you want to you can check out the place in a horse carriage, it’s the place to be. I personally don’t see the point but obviously a shit ton of others do..

Downtown Wrocław. Small but pretty. Unfortunately there aren’t any carriages on this pic, going for the long, 2 minute lap around the square.
Wrocław at night
Leaving downtown. As I said, it has its own charms.

Another nice – or even nicer – Polish city is Kraków, close to the death camps Auschwitz and Birkenau. Those offer 4 hour tours that are rather depressing and honestly, even though it was worth seeing it and appreciating my own luck to be able to live in freedom – you will be glad when you’re out again.

One more highlight of this area for me was the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Ridiculessly expensive and in my opinion not worth 40 bucks, but still not too bad. They have created a stunning underground salt world, carved out (mainly religious) figures and even built a whole saline church (which is by the way for free if you join mass).

Kraków by daylight full of people (tourists). Again – no horses can be seen.
Kraków during night. Pretty pretty.
Uhh, here they are. Horses queueing up, happily waiting to pull people around a circle. Note the church (St. Mary basilica) with the unequal towers in the back.
No meat being wasted!
Memorial stone in Auschwitz

My personal favourite activity on this trip has been a hike in the Tatra Mountains near the “winter capital of Poland” Zakopane. The landscape around the lake Morskie Oko (the eye of the sea) is just gorgeous. I love nature so much more than cities and wish I’d have stayad here much longer than I did. Hiking is just so my thing, it somehow releases an outstanding amount of adrenaline and makes me happy!!

Hiking arouns the Morskie Oko – loved it!
Panorama view

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