Breakdowns in Peschiera Del Garda – of Cars, Bikes and Blisters

Ahhh, holidays – my favourite days. Sun, beach, cities, adventure! Although adventure please only in nice ways, right?!

Well, guess you can’t have it all. I know it was a bit risky to drive down to Italy in a 1998 Golf III that sometimes has trouble starting, but seriously… how unlikely was it that it f***s up completely on my 4 day vacation?! The answer is: Pretty likely.

My car has worked fine for the first two days, there has been no disturbances at all, we drove it, ate in it, slept in it in the middle of beautiful winefields and stunning mountain landscapes.

our hotel for the night

Then I had the glorious Idee to check out the Lago di Garda (lake Garda) and stop the car on a very expensive parking lot – only for like 10 seconds to take a picture…Two hours and 500 attempts to start the car later I found myself in some mechanic’s vehicle following a towing truck into an uncertain future (well, for my car at least).


When they told me it was most probably the fuel pump (minimum costs 350 EUR, which my car is not worth itsself) I started to check flight and train prizes home, and looking for a place to stay for the night. Hard work since half of Germany was here for a long weekend getaway but finally we could call a relatively overprized room our home for the night (even the camp sides have been out of spots for my tiny tent!!). Or maybe people didn’t want to accomodate us looking like unshowered hobos carrying around sleeping bags and a tent…

Some posh campside view – no space for us and our tent though
Finally sorted out accomodation and ready for some touristy nightlife based on wine and pizza

Next day they told us it wasn’t the fuel pump after all but it worked again ever since they’ve changed a wire or two for which I had to “only” pay 100 bucks (wires + towing + telling us what was not the reason for my car’s bad behaviour).

Quite relieved we rent out some bicycles to engage our muscles on a trip along the lakeside when just on our way back Ryan’s bike had a flat tire because a nail was stuck in there… Resulting in a looong, 8 kilometer, steadíly paced walk back to Peschiera where the rental guy told us it was good for our health and fitness to walk!

When the bike still was ok

We finally took our car and left that place of doom where all kinds of transportation we used just completely broke down and headed to a lighter place called Venice……

-more about that next time-

Thanks for reading xx

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