Pizza, Vino e Amore – Falling in Love With Italy

ITALIA…. la bellissima!

A country you just HAVE to love for so many reasons:

  • La vino. I have not had one single glass of wine I disliked – and I had a lot..
  • The same counts for pizza.. There are sooo many variations, even one that had french fries as a topping. Great food I enjoyed every single day!


  • La gente – the people I: They are happy, loud, friendly and helpful – even when I talked to people who couldn’t speak any English, we ended up understanding each other somehow and they always tried to help me. Although you would think they are fed up with German tourists at the Lago di Garda – if you have a friendly smile on your face, they will give the same back.
  • La gente – the people II: They mind their own business and let you do your thing. One night we parked the car basically right next to somebody’s winefields in the middle of nowhere… When nature called me in the morning (7am) and I needed to pee, I got out of the car just to realized some old dude doing farmwork. Not even giving a f*** about some random car full of clothes and two bodies passed out in their sleeping bags. Anyway, I did him the favour and peed somewhere else.
  • The landscape. STUNNING!! Mountains, valleys, rivers, untouched nature on the one side, and beautiful beaches and lakes on the other. It’s my dream country where you can hike in your bikini and jump into some waters right after / in between.
  • Small towns and villages: You’ll find pretty, small places everywhere, with cute little coppled streets and picturesque buildings. We had the best experiences in small town businesses, where noone spoke English. Old men playing cards next to us, while we enjoy great wines and homemade chips in some small osteria (winebar) in the hills… It’s such a relaxed way to end your day full of travels and new impressions.


  • Historical cities:  We visited Trento, Verona and Venice to dive in that awesome, italian city flair and of course to see the sights. All three of them are beautiful places, and worth a look or two. Verona and Venice are a little touristy, but there are places where you can check out “the real thing” too. If you ever go to Venice though, try to be there really early, on a weekday or maybe in winter. When we arrived there on a saturday noon (most of Germany had a long weekend off) the parts with the main sights where so ridiculously crowded, you’d have thought the pope himself was in town or something like it. It was hard for me to enjoy my new favourite city – or at least the famous districts – I just rushed through it like a fish within the swarm, took quick pictures and focussed on the less touristy but as lovely – and much cheaper!!! – parts of beautiful Venezia.

I absolutely fell in love with everything I experienced there (well, maybe not with the breakdown of my car) and I will surely be back soon to check out the rest of la bella Italia e la dolce vita!!

more of Venice
Verona from above
drinking wine in “the real Venice”

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