I Love My Life – Today

I tend to worry a lot – about “unlaid eggs”. Will I find a nice flat? Will I have the best ever holiday? Will I save enough to fullfil my dream? – Of course I will. And in six months time I wont even remember that I was worried at all, so is it worth the drama? – No!

I tend to be bored easily. Very easily. I’m not like some others, who like to relax, watch TV, do nothing. I want action. All the time. You see, I don’t have a stressful job, I never had, and maybe that’s why I have itchy a lot.

I tend to be jealous about everybody else’s lifes. For some reason it appears to me that they all have fun constantly, no worries, no problems, only good times, travels and the sun shining out of their butts. I know that’s not true, but you know, it seems to be. The gras is just always greener on the other side….

Today, I tend to be happy without one bad thought, without any negativities in my mind.

Today I love my life. There are no buts, no althoughs, no stupid worries or concerns. I will find an awesome place to life, I will travel the world with my love, I will go BBQing, shopping, running, having fun without thinking about my annoying internet provider, my unreliably car, my… no – not today!

Today, I’ll look at my own pages, and not at others’! And I like them….


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