YOLO-Money And Exciting Weekends – When Things Work Out

A long, sunny and sweaty weekend has just passed, and it’s time to go back to work. I really don’t like my every day life so much, mainly due to the fact that it’s boring. I save as much as I can each month to be able to travel the world and still try to have as much fun as possible with the remaining YOLO-money. I have a goal, and I can see it coming closer and closer with every paycheck. It’s a good feeling and honestly, I realize that without this aim, I couldn’t just live like this. For even so my daily life during the week seems to be uneventful, I at least know why I am doing this. Not just to live and survive – but to be able to live it up!

Nevertheless I  had an exciting weekend since the sun was out all the time, there was a bank holiday invovled on which we went BBQing by the river, had some drinks, had a good time. In addition to all that fun we finally found a new appartement to live in downtown, with a balcony and lots of space – I’m so excited to finally move in 3 weeks.

I also went to visit my parents’ place on Friday, which I always love to do. I like to hang out with them, in their big ass house, chilling in the countryside garden, go running through the fields – just to be home. As much as I am devoted to live at far away places, to travel and see the world… I always, always love to come back to where I was raised (in the middle of nowhere)!

Hope ya’ll had an exciting, lazy, eventful, relaxing, awesome weekend too!


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