Puppy Love

“Are you a dog or a cat person?”

Have you ever been asked that question? I have. And there is no doubt about my answer. I sure am a dog person. There is certainly nothing wrong with cats, but I love dogs, probably more than most people. They are funny, sporty, playfull, straight forward and most importantly you can teach them how to pee outdoors.

Now, unfortunetaly I can’t have one myself, since I like to travel and I’m busy with work. I wouldn’t have enough time to take proper care of the pup and I am well aware that they live longer than 1 year (that’s the time span I have at least half heartedly planned in my life).

Luckily enough I have friends whose 3 little babies I am able to watch whenever they are travelling. They are tiny, cute fur balls, two of them quite lazy wheras the other one loves to run around and chase his balls. No, not his own!

Weirdly enough it sort of gives me the feeling to belong to a pack, especially when we lay down in the evening and within 5 minutes you can hear tittle paw steps coming after us, one by one. Followed by a 5 minute long “discussion” about who gets to sleep where, who gets the pillows (us!!) and who sleeps at the foot side of the bed (THEM!!). For the rest of the night I try to not move and accidently push one down, until the first of them wakes in the morning and indicates the start of a 5 minute cuddling procedure.

During the day I talk to and play with them a lot, give them pats and strokes, and listen to their snorring and woofs while they dream.

Here are some “outtakes”, that dog owners will be familiar with:

  • Buddy, you need a poop or pee?
  • Noooo, not right here on the street!! *while – being a responsable citizen – I take a bag and pick the shit up*
  • Stop licking me / the other dog’s butt / your own butt
  • Stop humping me / the pillow
  • Why are you barking in the middle of the night?
  • Do you wanna go outside? *one is happy – two keep snorring*
  • Stop eating the other dogs’ food
  • Well, you just peed right in your brother’s face. Nice!
  • Drop the ball! Or how else can I possibly throw it again??
  • Who farted? You guys need to poop?
  • Stop sniffing this man’s leg!
  • I get to sleep on the pillow!
  • Chasing your own tail must really do it for you… *Round and round and round and round she goes*
  • Someone stole my napkin and ripped it apart!
  • Come here pups, lets curl up on the couch together! *I get the pillow*
  • Your butt is in my face!

Don’t you agree? Dogs are awesome!!


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