Moving Into City Life


I moved – from the suburbs into the city. Into the heat of urban life, well, as urban as it gets in Wiesbaden. The new apartment has it all – a nice layout, a balcony, high walls in an old-school house, thick walls, big windows, and, and, and….

Only that the neighbors’ big windows across the streets aren’t so far away. I’d now be able to stalk a whole bunch of people if I wanted, and they are able to stalk us. Coming out of the shower, sleeping, hanging out and being involved in more delicate situations than those. I am personally not too bothered about what they do or look at – but my husband sure is. Being from the South of the US he certainly is used to a bit more privacy than you’re given in some downtown apartment area in Germany.

As a result we had to go emergency-shopping to buy curtains – until then the US flag had to do, how very patriotic! Ever since there has been such a heat wave last week, I also really could not be in a mood to sort out my new living situation. I had a bed, a couch, surrounded by unpacked boxes. The kitchen is on its way, the rest has to wait until it rains and I have no excuse to go to the pool excessively anymore.

Only yesterday we went to the MÖMAX (furniture shop, similar to IKEA), so my husband can get his curtains and we also wanted to buy a shelf. I always thought IKEA was the shittiest of all furniture stores. But now I know: it’s not! In MÖMAX you have to hunt down a member of their staff to tell them what you want to buy. After that you go to the tills and pay for it, followed by a march to their depot station (twice around the corner), where you still have to wait for some slow ass person to appear and be of service. When we finally had our two boxes, we carried them to the car and then up the stairs only to realize that one contained parts of our purchase. The other box however – surprise, surprise!!  had something completely different in it….

How stupid must you be, MÖMAX staff member to be not even able to do your stupid job where you barely need any brains anyway?? Needless to say I’m highly annoyed having to drive back there today to sort it out in frigging 100 / 36 degrees and my car doesn’t have air-conditioning.

Yay, moving into city life!! Apart from the regular annoyances of moving and that weirdo downstairs who’s been listening to loud music yesterday – it’s great!!

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