A Runner’s Diary – Pacing It up for the Half Marathon

Although I have been working out and jogging for some years yet, I only recently started trying to enhance my pace and the distances in order to accomplish my first half marathon next year. And even though noone may read this, I’ll use my blog to write down the ups and downs, experiences and frustrations one goes through by “hunting” personal records in the column A runner’s diary.

Ever since I went downtown to watch people’s pain at the Wiesbaden Ironman 70.3 I knew I want to do this too. It must be the greatest feeling to finally appear on the finish line, hear the anouncer call your name and you know, you’ve done it. You’re bad ass. You went ham.

Realistically there is no way for me to attemt a thriathlon due to my lack of proper swimming skills. I also don’t have a suitable bike. It would probably take my like 2 days or something. So, although I’d love to be that sporty – I’m not (yet?)..

But. Realistically. I could run 21.1 km. Can’t be so hard if I really do it slowly. Only thing is: My ambition came across that plan and now I want to do it in a decent enough time. Like, 2.15 or something. Or less.

That’s why I have stopped my slow ass evening 4-5 km runs and paced it up a little. I created a MapMyRun account, I’m running longer distances, tempo runs, intervall runs and one long distance (10km/6.2 miles) run a week. The half marathon is in May next year, so I have plenty of time to get ready.

Well, and now once or twice a week, I’ll keep you (and my future self) updated on how it goes, I’ll share my frustrations and achievements and maybe I’ll come across someone who kinda does the same.

So, today, I managed to run 5km/3.1 miles in less than 30 minutes (29.36). I know, I know, it’s nothing to brag about. Only yesterday I saw some girl I know on instagram who finished a half marathon in 1.50.. What???

But, for me the goal was to eventuall be able to run 10km in less that an hour. Also there was a big hill on the loop – that counts for something, right? Even though it went down hill after.

Anyway, here I am, 5km in less than 30 minutes and I’m chuffed to f#*k (pretty pleased)…


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