My First Time Backpacking in Thailand

Almost exactly 9 years ago, I went on my very first backpacking trip to Thailand. My very first Asian experience, my very first travel “adventure”. I have always loved holidays and travelling, but until then it had mainly been packages and school exchange trips.

So here I was, I had just quit my job to start university and wanted to do something new and exciting. My whole personality was about to change, away from a lifestyle I was brought up with (namely aiming for a secure position, an own home, family and whatnot) into doing what I love, studying, travelling, moving around, collecting memories instead of physical things…

So here I was, at Bangkok airport, where surely 1000 people tried to drag me into a taxi – and one of them finally succeded. Where I got ridiculously overcharged because I didn’t know any better. Where the whole city was loud, crowded, vibrant.

Here I was, finally in the safety of my pre-booked hotel, together with my friend, exhausted sipping a cocktail before daring to get out there and join the bustle of this huge city. Before making our ways down for some stunning beaches and island hopping.

And there I was then, being seasick every time I set foot on a boat (and I did it a lot), vomiting down the rail because I couldn’t occupy the bathroom any more than I already had. One time I nearly drowned due to my seasickness, that made me leave the snorkelling boat in high wave waters and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to swim back against the current (lost my snorkel and flippers)…

But there I was, loving each and every minute of it. The baches, the food, the atmosphere, the hikes. The palm trees, their colorful busses, flowers, huge spiders, geckos, bungalows, stray dogs, night life…. just everything!

There is was – infected with the travel bug.. And until today I still am. I have been travelling as much as could on almost all continents. My feet are still itchy, my travel boots ready, always ready for the next adventure of any kind.

Nine years ago in Thailand I truly found my passion. My passion for travelling the whole world!

DSC01072 DSC01307 Am Long Beach DSC01789a (7) DSC01958 DSC02184 Mal wieder nach Surat Thani

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